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LP Aero Plastics - Acrylic Polish and Sealant
Not just any polish is good enough to carry our name! A superior no-wax, non-yellowing formula containing polyethylene polymers. This superior product not only gives a super slick surface to your windshield and windows, but can also be used on your entire aircraft, including all the painted gloss surfaces, aluminum and fiberglass. Ease of application and removal is unmatched. Sold in 16 oz. single bottles and in cases of 12.
LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant 16 oz. squeeze bottle SP-PL16
LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant - Case of 12 bottles SP-PLCS

DuPont Sontara Window Wipes

New Sontara window wipes are made of a proprietary blend of fibers that are softer than most conventional wipes.  Since many scratches are caused by grit and dirt already on the surface of the window, this product features apertures that help pick up and remove dirt effectively.  Using LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant to "float up" the dirt before wiping is the best way to minimize the risk of scratching.

DuPont Sontara Window Wipes - Box of 25 wipes.................................................SP-AC1213WW125

DuPont Sontara Window Wipes - Case of 500 wipes..............................................SP-AC1213WWCS   

LP Aero Plastics - Window Care Kit

This Window Care Kit contains one 16 oz. bottle of LP Aero Plastics Polish and Sealant, one box of 25 Sontara Window Wipes, instructions and other documentation. 

LP Aero Plastics Window Care Kit............................................................................ SP-PL16WW

LP Aero Plastics Window Care Kit - Case of 12 kits .................................................. SP-PL16WWCS

"210" Plastic Cleaner and Polish
For those who prefer a windshield and plastic cleaner in an aerosol spray.

"210" Plastic Cleaner and Polish - 14 oz. Spray Can SP-210A

"210 Plus" Plastic Scratch Remover
A fine liquid abrasive for removing fine scratches that ordinary cleaner/polishes can't handle.

"210 PLUS" Plastic Scratch Remover - 15 oz. Squeeze Bottle SP-210P

Prism Kit
This inspection prism kit is ideal and invaluable for inspecting windows on the aircraft where the holes and edges are hidden by the aircraft skin or fairings. By applying the couplant and positioning the prism on the window next to the edge of the skin, it allows you to see the entire edge of the acrylic including the mounting holes from top to bottom. You are able to see cracks and breaks in the acrylic or glass.

Window Inspection Prism kit SP-PRIKT

Special Acrylic Drill Bits
Don't be fooled by the over the counter so-called "plastic drill bits" purchased at your local hardware store. Our drill bits are specially sharpened to scrape a clean hole in your acrylic window. These drill bits will not chip or crack the acrylic like standard drill bits. They are available in individual sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" and 1/2" 100 degree countersink. Sets with countersink and index box take the guesswork out of which bits to purchase. This type of bit is required when drilling windshields and windows is specified. Remember that acrylic expands and contracts, so drill your holes oversize.

1/8" SP-D18
9/64" SP-D964
5/32" SP-D532
3/16" SP-D316
7/32" SP-D732
1/4" SP-D14
9/32" SP-D932
5/16" SP-D516
3/8" SP-D38
7/16" SP-D716
1/2" SP-D12
100 countersink SP-CS100

Foam Sealing Tape
This is an adhesive backed, closed cell foam tape which is available in various sizes by the roll. This tape can be wrapped around the edges of the windows to both cushion and seal. DO NOT STRETCH DURING APPLICATION, IT WILL PULL BACK AND LEAVE GAPS. Piper used this extensively in their window installations.

Foam sealing tape 1/4" x 1/32" x 100' SP-FT132
Foam sealing tape 1/4" x 1/16" x 100' SP-FT116
Foam sealing tape 1/4" x 1/8" x 75' SP-FT5112
Foam sealing tape 1 1/4" x 1/16" x 100' SP-FT114100
Foam sealing tape 1 1/4" x 1/16" x 25' SP-FT114125
Foam sealing tape 1 1/4" x 1/16" per lineal foot SP-FT11412

Felt Sealing Tape
Adhesive backed in various widths and thicknesses. Used on numerous Cessna front and rear windshields. Available in rolls and by the foot.

Felt - adhesive backed 1/16" x 1 1/4" (per lineal ft.) SP-F114
Felt - adhesive backed 1/16" x 1 1/2" (per lineal ft.) SP-F112
Felt - adhesive backed 1/16" x 2" (per lineal ft.) SP-F2

Piper Black Tar Tape
Available in rolls 1/16" x 1" by 50 ft. Used by Piper on many of the older windshield installations.

Piper black tar sealing tape 1/16" x 1" x 50' SP-TT50

Strip Sealants
The following are strip type sealants. These are especially useful in filling large gaps. These sealants are used in many Cessna installations.

Green, 1/8" x 1/2" x 25' roll - Cessna sealant 579.6 (Presstite) SP-5796

Polyurethane Sealant
Bostik 1100FS Fast Set Polyurethane Sealant is now being recommended by Piper Aircraft for many of their window installations. This is a non-hardening, paintable, fast curing, sealant. (Work life - 70 minutes, Tack free - 90 minutes, Full cure - 1.5 to 3 days) Do not use where holes have been drilled through the sealing/mounting edge of the windshield.

Bostik 1100FS urethane sealant 10.3 oz. tube - black SP-1100BL
Bostik 1100FS urethane sealant 10.3 oz. tube - white SP-1100WT

Dow Corning Silicone Sealant in clear and black. 10.3 oz. tubes. Be sure to mask both the window and the aircraft skin prior to applying the sealant. This will make for very easy cleanup and a professional installation. This applies to any sealant you may use.

RTV-732 Dow Corning silicone sealant 10.3 oz. tube - clear SP-R732C
RTV-732 Dow Corning silicone sealant 10.3 oz. tube - black SP-R732B

Two-Part Polysulfide Sealants
This is a two-part, gray sealant, available in both an 8 oz. can with separate accelerant and a two-part cartridge for use with a hand application gun. We stock the B2 which allows a 2 hour work time and a 48 hour cure time.

This sealant meets AMS-S-8802B, which supersedes Military Specifications - MIL-S-8802

Interchangeable sealants:

    Advanced Chemistry & Technology - MC-236B

    Courtaulds Aerospace - Pro-Seal 890B, PR-1440B, PR-1487

    D Aircraft Products - BR4005B

    Flamemaster Corp - CS3204B

    Fiber Resin Corp - PS-1102B

    J & R Industries - WS-8020B

pint can - Two-Part sealant kit (AC-236 B2)
5 oz. Cartridge sealant kit - with nozzle (AC-236 B2) SP-6611
3.5 oz. Cartridge sealant kit - with nozzle (AC-251 B2) SP-251
6 ml Adhesion promoter for use with AC-251 SP-137
Hand application gun - for use with cartridges SP-K162
Replacement plastic collar for hand applicator gun SP-BEZ

Bonding Kit For Grumman/Gulfstream/American General AA-1 and AA-5 Series Windshields and Canopies
The sealant, hard-to-find primers and instruction sheet are included for bonding the windshield to windshield bow and the canopy to its frame.

Bonding kit for Gulfstream windshield SP-BKG1
Bonding kit for Gulfstream canopy SP-BKG2

Acrylic Cement
Used when bonding acrylic to acrylic, as in compass mount blocks, reinforcing strips, patches, etc. The liquid acrylic cement is water like in consistency and is most easily applied with a syringe. The thickened cement is heavy bodied and is easily applied from the tube. The liquid cement requires tight contact between both bonding surfaces, while the thickened cement will fill slight gaps. Both will have excellent bonding strength when fully cured.

Liquid acrylic cement - 1 pint SP-C1PT
Liquid acrylic cement - 4 oz. SP-C4OZ
Syringe for acrylic cement SP-SYGE
Thickened acrylic cement - 5 oz. tube SP-292001

Installation Kits for Beechcraft Conversions 978, 979, 980, 981, 991, 997

Installation kit - use with 981 SP-IK981
Installation kit - use with 978, 979, 980, 991, 997 SP-IK978
Installation kit - use with 977 SP-IK977

The following parts are required for new installations of the 977 series windshield

Front windshield aluminum retainer ..................................................................  D0002-001
Defroster duct outlet adapter - may need 1 or 2 - check your aircraft installation... D0004-001
Defroster diffuser ............................................................................................ D0003-001 Glareshield ..................................................................................................... D0005-001

Vent Window Hinge and Latch Assemblies
For replacing vent window hardware on: Beechcraft models 33, 35, 36, 55, 56, 58, 95.

Hinge & latch assembly SP-BHL
Hinges only SP-BHO
Latch only SP-BLO

Bellanca Viking & Super Viking

Hinge & latch assembly SP-BLHL

Piper PA-28, -32, -34, -44.

Hinge & latch assembly SP-PHL
Latch assembly only SP-PLAT
Hinge assembly only SP-PHIG

Compass Mounting Kits
These compass mounting kits are designed primarily for use on Cessna windshields which are using our STC compass mounting block bonded to the windshield. The windshield part number is designated with a suffix (/CMB). Kits are available with or without a new Airpath compass.

Compass and mounting kit for Cessna STC conversions SP-CMKT

Kit includes Airpath compass, compass housing, deviation card, attached mount, and hardware.

Compass mounting kit for Cessna STC conversions SP-CHKT

Kit includes compass housing, deviation card, attached mount, and hardware. (Compass not included.)

Glareshield Compass Mount
This is a polished acrylic compass mounting bracket which is bent at a 90 degree angle and allows you to mount your compass to the top of your glareshield.

Compass mount for glareshield installations - acrylic LP-081

Aircraft Quality Sheet Acrylic
Sheet acrylic is available in the following colors, sizes, and thicknesses. These sheets meet Federal specification L-P-391D and are of aircraft quality. Each sheet is available in clear, 2111 green tint, and 2515 solar gray tint. Also available are acrylic sheets meeting MIL-P-5425D, MIL-P-8184E, and MIL-P-25690A.

Acrylic Sheet Sizes:

Standard size 48" x 72" - .060, .080, .100
48" x 96" - .125, .250
72" x 96" - .125, .150, .187, .250

NOTE: These are nominal thicknesses based on the industry's cell cast acrylic sheet tolerances. The tolerance range chart is shown below. Pricing and sheets sizes of other tints are available upon request. Minimum order may be required.


.60 -.033 +.083 .37
.080 -.052 +.102 .49
.100 -.060 +.130 .62
.125 -.085 +.155 .77
.150 -.109 +.179 .92
.187 -.144 +.214 1.15
.250 -.200 +.280 1.54
.312 -.254 +.344 1.92
.375 -.310 - +.410 2.31
.500 -.425 +.535 3.08
.625 -.543 +.658 3.85
.750 .660 +.790 4.62

Note: As an additional service to our customers, certain parts which are listed in this catalog are not manufactured by LP Aero Plastics and are in stock or available. The quality system of these parts is governed by their respective manufacturers.

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