Bonanza, Baron, Debonair and Travelair (early model)
Fact Sheet for One Piece Windshield Conversions

Part Number Applicability
ModelSerial Number RangePart Number Notes
33(S/N CD-1 Through CD-1006)271.250
35(S/N D-1 Through D-7976)271.312
55(S/N TC-1 Through TC-954) 271.375
95(S/N TD-2 Through TD-637)(PN’s Above Apply to All Aircraft Listed)
The Original Design

From the factory, these early aircraft were equipped with a two-piece windshield- a right half and a left half with a metal structure in between. The factory windshields are mounted in metal frames and factory replacement windshields are supplied with frames as assemblies. The windshields themselves fit in the channel of the frame, allowing them to “float” for expansion and contraction.

The LP Aero Plastics STC

This STC Conversion modifies the existing windshield frames to form a one-piece frame to accommodate a new One-Piece Windshield. This allows the one-piece windshield to retain the Beechcraft-engineered superior mounting method.
This is a very good mounting system as no holes need to be drilled through the windshield itself for mounting. The LP Aero STC One Piece Windshields are milled on the inside edge to fit the frame, placing the extra thickness toward the inside of the aircraft where it is not obtrusive. These STC LP Aero windshields are available in 1/4″ (.250″), 5/16″ (.312″), or 3/8″ (.375″) thicknesses. The part number suffix indicates the thickness, i.e., 271.250 for 1/4″, 271.312 for 5/16″, and 271.375 for 3/8″.

Note for aircraft with an existing “Speed Slope” Windshield

LP Aero’s design for its STC windshield showcases the commitment and attention to detail for which we are known. Other one-piece standard configuration (not “Speed Slope”) conversion windshields for these aircraft are available only in 1/4″ thickness, and these discard the original windshield frames and are mounted with holes drilled through the windshield (the proper replacement for this conversion is P/N 998).

However, for many years Beryl D’Shannon Aviation Specialties, Inc. has been manufacturing 1/4″ to 1/2″ windshields for these earlier aircraft that are known as “Speed Slope” windshields. This conversion changes the angle or “rake” of the windshield by moving the base out farther on the cowl, giving the windshield a more aerodynamic shape, but also mounts using holes drilled through the windshield. Holes drilled in windshields for mounting purposes tend to start cracks. If the aircraft has been converted to either of the above hole-mounted one-piece windshields, the 271. xxx cannot be used because the frames have been discarded and/or the windshield configuration has been changed. The 271. xxx is used only as a one-piece conversion from the original two-piece installation.


As in all of our windows and windshields, our Beechcraft STC One Piece Conversion Windshields are available in a wide variety of tints, including Clear (CL), Green (GT) and Standard Gray (SG). They are also available in UV and infrared blocking acrylics such as UV Clear (UV-CL), UV Green (UV-GT) and UV Standard Gray (UV-SG). Our UV line is especially popular in Beechcraft models due to its UV-blocking and temperature reducing capabilities.

Download Beechcraft STC Kits (pdf format):

Report No. 271/CON – Installation Drawing List For Beechcraft Models listed above. Applicable models and serial numbers also listed in report.