Bonanza, Baron and Travelair (late model)
Fact Sheet for Replacement Windshields with Increased Thickness

Part Number Applicability

ModelSerial Number RangePart Number Notes
E33(S/N CD-1119 Through CD-1234)269.312
E33A(S/N CE-180 Through CE-289)269.375
E33C(S/N CJ-1 Through CJ-25)269.500
F33(S/N CD-1235 Through CD-1254)(PN’s above apply to all aircraft listed)
G33(S/N CE-1255 Through CD-1304) 
F33A(S/N CE-290 and Up) 
F33C(S/N CJ26 and Up) 
V35A(S/N D-8599 Through D-9068) 
V35B(S/N D9069 and Up) 
36(S/N E-1 Through E-184) 
A36(S/N E-185 and Up) 
A36TC(S/N EA-1 Through EA-241, EA-243 Through EA-272) 
B36TC(S/N EA-242, EA-273 and Up) 
95-B55 & 95-B55A(S/N TC-1043 and Up) 
D-55 & D55A(S/N TE-452 Through TE-767) 
E55 & E55A(TE-768 and Up) 
A56TC(TG-84 Though TG-94) 
58 & 58A(S/N TH-1 and Up) 
58TC & 58TCA(S/N TK-1 and Up) 
E95(TD-708 Through TD-721) 

The Original Design

Beechcraft mounts windshields for the Bonanza/Baron series aircraft in metal frames and the windshields and frames are supplied by Beechcraft as assemblies. This is a very good mounting system as no holes need to be drilled through the windshield itself for mounting. It fits in the channel of the frame and is allowed to “float,” allowing for expansion and contraction. Beechcraft windshields are supplied only in .250 (1/4 inch) thickness.

The LP Aero Plastics STC

A windshield thicker than the original .250 (1/4 inch) thickness will not fit in the frame channel, so the LP Aero STC windshields are milled on the inside edge to fit the frame. This allows the thicker windshield to appear identical to the original and still retain Beechcraft’s superior mounting method, while providing a quieter cabin and greater impact resistance.

The LP Aero windshields are available in the standard .250 (1/4 inch) thickness as an FAA-PMA replacement part, or in .312 (5/16 inch) .375 (3/8 inch), and .500 (1/2 inch) versions as STC modifications. The .250 part number is LP-269, and the STC windshields add the thickness as a suffix to the part number, i.e., 269.500 (1/2″). To dramatically reduce costs, LP Aero Plastics supplies only the acrylic windshield, as the existing frame is reusable.

Superior Design

LP Aero’s design for its STC windshield showcases the commitment and attention to detail for which we are known . Other windshield designs use installation methods which are sub-optimal for a number of reasons. One method discards the original metal frame and requires many holes to be drilled through the windshield itself for mounting. These many mounting holes are thought to be a weak point and as a result, notorious crack starters. We believe the original Beechcraft engineered frame-mount system (with no drilled mounting holes) is superior because it avoids the potential for undue stress and the LP Aero design maintains the use of the Beechcraft frame.

Another design uses original frame, but with one large difference; the windshield is milled on the outside edge thereby allowing the extra thickness to protrude outward, where it is quite noticeable. Again, LP Aero Plastics takes care to mill the inside edge, allowing the extra thickness of the windshield to be on the inside of the aircraft, where it is not obtrusive.


As in all of our windows and windshields, our Beechcraft STC Windshields are available in a wide variety of tints, including Clear (CL), Green (GT) and Standard Gray (SG). They are also available in UV and infrared blocking acrylics such as UV Clear (UV-CL), UV Green (UV-GT) and UV Standard Gray (UV-SG). Our UV line is especially popular in Beechcraft models due to its UV-blocking and temperature reducing capabilities.

Download Beechcraft STC Kits (pdf format):

Report No. 269/CON – Installation Drawing List for Beechcraft Models listed above. Applicable models and serial numbers also listed in report.