CessnaExtra-Thick Windshield


Models: All Cessna 177 Cardinal Aircraft
Purpose: Increases Windshield
for a quieter cabin
and greater impact resistance.

Models / Part Numbers:

Cessna 177 Cardinal (All) P/N 329.250

The Original Design: Cessna supplied only .187″ (3/16″) windshields for the 177
Cardinal series aircraft.

The LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Mod: Especially since it is so large, increasing the
thickness of the Cardinal windshield to .250″ (1/4″) decreases cabin noise and increases
impact resistance. However, the 1/4″ windshield will not fit in the mount channel so it
must be milled to an edge thickness of 3/16″ (see figure 1). The extra thickness is toward
the inside of the aircraft and the milled edge is completely hidden by the interior trim.
The windshield installs exactly and as easily as a standard replacement windshield.

Competitive Information: LP Aero Plastics is the only company to offer an STC
Extra-Thick windshield for the Cardinal.

Options Available: As with all LP Aero Plastics Windshields and Windows, Clear, Green, and Solar Gray tints are available.