Extra-Thick Side Windows

Models: All Mooney Aircraft Models
M20 through M20L
Purpose: Increases Side Window Thickness
For a quieter cabin.

Models / Part Numbers:

All Aircraft M20 through M20L See catalog for Part Numbers. All STC Part
Numbers are as xxx.250, except for vent windows
Which are xxx.375.

The Original Design: Most of the original Mooney side windows were 1/8″ (.125″) thick.

The LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Mod: This STC allows 1/4″ (.250″) side windows to be
installed for the purpose of a quieter cabin. The thicker windows are more rigid and
therefore resonate less, transmitting less noise into the cabin. The windows install
exactly as do the standard windows, and there are no airframe modifications required.

Competitive Information: The STC for this mod is owned by Mod Works, Inc. of Punta
Gorda, FL, a major maintenance and mod shop specializing in products for all Mooneys.
LP Aero manufactures the windows for this mod and both LP Aero and Mod Works market the
product, although Mod Works sells primarily through their mod shop. For this reason, the
STC paperwork is sold as a separate line item for this mod only
, and is listed in the
catalog as such.

There are no other STC 1/4″ Mooney Side Windows available from any other manufacturers.

Options Available: As with all LP Aero Plastics Windshields and Windows, Clear, Green, and Solar Gray Tints are available.