One-Piece Windshield Conversion


Models: All Piper PA-28 Series
All Piper PA-44 Seminole
All Piper PA-32 Series
All Piper PA-34-200,-200T Seneca
Purpose: Reduces center visual obstruction and increases thickness to 1/4″ on early aircraft. Has more
stylish appearance.

Models / Part Numbers:

PA-28, PA-44 – All Models P/N K2028-01 Windshield – Clear
…….K2028-02 Windshield – Green
…….K2028-03 Windshield – Gray
…….K2028KIT Install Kit for Above – Specify
PA-28 or PA-44
PA-32, PA-34 – All Models P/N 95034-001 Windshield – Clear
…….95034-003 Windshield – Green
…….95034-005 Windshield – Gray
…….95032-001 Install Kit for Above – PA 32 Only
…….97016-001 Install Kit for Above – PA 34 Only

The Original Design: Piper designed these aircraft with left and right windshields
separated by an aluminum hat section (a structural member of the airframe) and an aluminum
cover strip on the outside between the windshields. Originally, all windshields were 1/8″
thick, but starting with the 1973 or 1974 models, a “Super Sound Proof” option was offered
that included 1/4″ left and right windshields. After that time, these aircraft were equipped
with either 1/8″ or 1/4″ windshields from the factory, depending on if the “Super Sound Proof”
option was installed. The only sure way to determine the thickness without removing the
windshields is to check the aircraft equipment list for the installed option.

The LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Mod: The STC for this mod is owned by Kosola and
Associates, Inc. of Albany, GA, an aeronautical engineering firm and repair station
that specializes in the repair of engine mounts and contract engineering services.
LP Aero manufactures the windshields and Kosola manufactures the installation kit.
Kosola also sells the installation on a retail basis at retail price.

The mod removes the center aluminum hat section, and, since that part is structural,
replaces it with a thin stainless steel tubular structure that in now located on the inside
of the new one-piece windshield. This is essentially a nuts and bolts operation without
complicated structural modification. The tube has a black powder coat finish and is
stainless steel to avoid magnetic interference with the compass. It also provides mount
points for the sun visors.

The one-piece windshield itself is 1/4″ thick and mounts in the same channels as the
standard windshields, and the bottom aluminum fairing is reused. It has a slightly more
aerodynamic shape than the standard two-piece installation and a slight speed increase can
be expected. The major benefits are increased visibility, a quieter cabin and increased
strength when replacing 1/8″ windshields, and a sleeker look.

When ordering, you must order the windshield and the installation kit as separate items.
The kit includes all installation hardware, sealant, STC paperwork, and instructions.

Competitive Information: No other STC one-piece windshield conversion for these
aircraft is available.

Options Available: Clear, Green, and Solar Gray Tints are available, but must be ordered by the above part numbers.