Extra-Thick Windshields

Models: All Early Piper PA-28 Series

All Early Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six

All Early Piper PA-34 Seneca
Purpose: Increases Windshield Thickness for a quieter cabin and greater strength.

Models / Part Numbers:

PA-28-150, 160, 180






(S/N 28-20002 Through 28-7225612)

(S/N 28-1 Through 28-7305611)

(S/N 28-10003 Through 28-7310187)

(S/N 28R-30005 Through 28R-7130019)

(S/N 28R-35001 Through 28R-7335455)

(S/N 32-1 Through 32-7300076)

(S/N 32-40000 Through 32-7340201)

(S/N 34-725001 Through 34-7350363)
P/N 905, 907

(Apply to all aircraft listed)

P/N 492.250, 493.250

(Apply to all aircraft listed)

The Original Design: Before 1973 or 1974, depending on the model, all Piper Cherokee, Cherokee Six, and Seneca series aircraft were equipped with 1/8″ left and right windshields. Thereafter, Piper offered optional 1/4″ windshields as part of what is known as the Super Sound Proof package.

The LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Mod: This STC provides a means to retrofit the later FAA-PMA optional 1/4″ windshields on all of the earlier models. This is a basically straightforward installation, however the 1/4″ windshields are a tighter fit and require a more precise trim. No modifications are required to be made to the airframe.

After 1973 or 1974, depending on the model, these aircraft were certified with either 1/8″ standard or 1/4″ optional windshields, which means that either thickness can be legally installed without an STC. On later aircraft, the only sure way to determine the installed thickness without removing the windshield is to check the aircraft equipment list for the installed option.

Competitive Information: No other company offers this type of STC modification.

Options Available: Clear, Green, or Solar Gray Tints are available.