One-Piece Windshield Conversion

Models: All Piper PA-24 Commanche
All Piper PA-30 Commanche
All Piper PA-39 Commanche
Purpose: Removes the center obstruction and increases windshield thickness for a quieter cabin and greater strength.

Models / Part Numbers:

Piper PA-24 Commanche

Piper PA-30 Twin Commanche

Piper PA-39 Twin Commanche
P/N 999
(Applies to all
aircraft listed)

The Original Design: The original installation used a left and right windshield separated by a center structure. These windshields are only available in 5/32″ (.150) thickness.

The LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Mod: This STC removes the windshield center post which is a visual obstruction, and increases the windshield thickness for a dramatic increase in strength and for a quieter cabin. The thicker windshield is more rigid and therefore resonates less, transmitting less noise to the cabin. The windshield installs in the airframe without modification (other than removing the center post), and provides for compass mounting at the top center of the windshield.

Options Available: Clear, Green, and Solar Gray Tints are available.